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Our History

Founded in 2012, the initial focus of Smash Group was on Transport Investment across the country and beyond, before pivoting into real estate, logistics, finance, ride-hailing, among other things.

Smash Group is a combination of almost a decade of visionary leadership, hard work and dedication from many experienced and committed men and women, aligned in the purpose-driven goal to make our world better through initiative means.

Today, we are proud to be heavily invested in major sectors of the country’s economy through our subsidiaries which are essential to the Nigerian market. Our subsidiaries include SmashInvest, SmashProperty, SmashLogistics, SmashCredit, SmashRides, SmashTransport and SmashFood.

Mission Statement

⇒ To provide essential products and services to meet the needs of our clients and deliver superior returns.

⇒ To ensure the aspirations of our employees for growth and development are realized.

⇒ To enhance value achieved for all our stakeholders.

Vision Statement

⇒ To be the preferred service provider to the clients we serve.

⇒ To remain a company with a motivated, creative, expert, and responsible human capital.

⇒ To become a learning and agile organization using modern management approaches and integrated ICT infrastructure.

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