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The digital revolution is innocent. The races of the world are not segregated by the information communication phenomenon. Today, a Congolese peasant has equal market opportunity as the British scholar, everybody operates in a global village connected via the information superhighway. The regrettable difference is that, like in every situation, urgency positions people based on time of arrival.

Our world is now located on the cyberspace. Those who embrace the digital revolution are empowered, those who do not are watching the brick-and-mortar system collapse on them. Failure to move at the pace of the world-changing digital transformation brings abject poverty to people, death to businesses and chaos to governments. This is why the traditional taxi system in Nigeria is dead and gone. On the other hand, the likes of Uber have succeeded to become multinationals beyond the shores of America for the same reason. Are you seeing the big picture here?

The pendulum has swung to Nigeria through Smashrides —- a world- class E-hailing outfit with premium-class operations in pleasure ride. This creationism from Smash Group is exclusively for those who love to make big money. Across major cities in Nigeria partners only have to log on to the platform via the smash rides app and do business on the best terms ever. Smashrides is the freedom to make big bucks. You would be so rich before others arrive.

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