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Authentic figures don’t lie, statistics serves for a proof. The hidden details of any program or project are better appreciated when facts are paired with figures.

Yawning figures from impeccable sources on the Nigerian real estate development situation are both intimidating and inciting, they produce an atmosphere of frenzy in which economic opportunities are wrapped with mud that defies the sight and depresses the heart. But the underlying truth from empirical results is that the Nigerian real estate market is ONE OF THE BIGGEST GOLDMINES globally. This cannot be a hypothesis for those who understand the following:

(1). In January 2015, the Nigerian real estate market was valued at #6.4 trillion (USD39bn) at a CAGR of 10% —- CBO Capital.

(2.). In 2020, property listing enquires surged by over 72% before the pandemic. —- CBO Capital

(3). Nigeria has a housing deficit of over 17m at the rate of 4.7% urbanization yearly —– NIESV Lagos

(4). There are 24.4million people in Nigeria without a house to live —– the Borgen Project

These eloquent statistics is justified by the present heightened level of property development witnessed especially in urban areas and cities across the nation. But while Nigerians are struggling to make sense of these figures, Smash Group has developed a platform tool to help everyone extract wealth from this goldmine.

ismashtrades is a subset of a 6-core investment setup envisioned to make everyone wealthy in 6 and 12 months of investment pay – out within a specified investment life span. Starting from a #40,000 value of investment, investors would get 30% to 80% scalable returns on investment, guaranteed.

On the ismashtrades platform, your investment capital is always yours, secure and guaranteed. With this system, you help in giving Nigerians affordable housing without spending your time on it, you amaze wealth for yourself as a reward.

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