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Time is the test of the immutability of all things. Sustained erosion can shape rocks with the passage of time, sediments formation takes a new shape on the ocean bed in the process of time. The proverbial black gold has lost its status as new industries become a formidable means of livelihood with the passage of time. While research shows there are many lucrative jobs today that never existed 20years ago, it submits that a good proportion of the global population will be engaged in entirely new industries amidst agriculture which tops industries that are in a boom time.

This is the inspiration of the Smash Group in structuring smashbusiness — — a secure investment platform in Agriculture to enable investors to get the best returns on investment while freeing their time for other engagements.

There have been a number of Agric investment schemes in Nigeria formatted with the latest design of profiteering from unsuspecting investors. While many of these setups are extant, many also have crashed. The difference here is that ismashtrades is built on a strong failure-proof technology that is scalable, the system does not just offer the highest returns on investment (40% and 90% for an N100,000 investment in 6 and 12months), every  Investment made on smashbusiness guaranteed.

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